First look at the character creation system

We will give a short introduction to the character creation system, currently under development.

The numerous options will allow players to freely modify Amanda’s appearance, from haircuts, eye color and skin tone to facial paints and muscle mass, everything will be available from the start, except for the outfits that will have to be unlocked throughout the game.

Attributes directly affect the game experience, increasing strength and stamina will give players the ability to fight more powerful enemies with a low experience level, while intelligence and luck will help them find secret areas and solve puzzles easily. All outfits and cosmetics have a small percentage impact on attributes, both positively and negatively.

Outfits are unlocked by completing side quests or leveling up. Head and body customization are available with most outfits, except for the «Special» outfits, which totally modify the character’s appearance.

If the player is not satisfied with the appearance of the character, they can go to the different boutiques that are located throughout the map and change Amanda’s appearance as many times as they want. Starting attributes cannot be changed once the game has started.

More information about Vampiric Crown will be published soon.