New crafting system

We will show some details of the crafting system recently added to the game, explain how its interface is composed and how the system works.

To use the crafting system, players will have to go to the room called «REBECCA’S CRAFT ROOM» and talk to the alchemist Rebecca. This will display an interactive menu showing the general items available to the player and a list of possible crafts.

On the right side of the menu there is a list of potions and drinks that can be created using the materials specified at the bottom of the screen, while on the left side there is the inventory (max. 16 items) and the storage chest (max. 32 items) with the quantities of materials and objects that have been collected.

Some recipes are obtained by leveling up, others must be unlocked manually by combining different materials. There are a total of 16 recipes between potions and drinks.

It is necessary to have gold coins to complete the crafting, this will have a value that will depend on the amount and how rare is the potion/drink you want to create.

We will be publishing more content in the coming weeks.