Etiqueta: development update

New character design

In this update, we’re going to talk about the character reworks we’ve been working on for the past few weeks. We will share with you the final result of Amanda’s base model, detailing what changes have been applied. Among the changes made are improvements in the hair model and texture, new shader design, more detailed […]

New crafting system

We will show some details of the crafting system recently added to the game, explain how its interface is composed and how the system works. To use the crafting system, players will have to go to the room called «REBECCA’S CRAFT ROOM» and talk to the alchemist Rebecca. This will display an interactive menu showing the general […]

First look at the character creation system

We will give a short introduction to the character creation system, currently under development. The numerous options will allow players to freely modify Amanda’s appearance, from haircuts, eye color and skin tone to facial paints and muscle mass, everything will be available from the start, except for the outfits that will have to be unlocked […]